Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Curse of Macha

Dé Céadoin 9 de Mhí Shamhna 2011

I went to a fund raiser the other night that took place in Northern Ireland's Tudor Cinema. The event was a fund raising effort contributing to the in the making independent film, "The Curse of Macha." Drawing inspiration from Ireland's, and even more specifically Ulster's, native myths&legends. The writer and director is local man Chris Lennon, who has had previous work featured on BBC&RTE productions. The cast includes local talent from Ireland, as well as the stunt team from the likes of Gladiator , King Arthur,and the FX team from Walking Dead.

I had the chance to meet some of the crew, including Chris at the fundraiser, who were very sound, and dead on people. I'm anticipating the film's arrival as it is set in the time period of our island's pre-Christian pagan past, which serves as a vehicle in capturing that heritage. Not only that, but the tourist board in charge of running the actual site of Ulster's mythic, and historic stronghold, Emain Macha(featured in the film), has made a deal regarding the film's premier. Eamhain Mhacha(Navan fort)has been a personally important site for me as a modern Irish Pagan, and I couldn't think of a better experience. All going well, the film is currently set for a hopeful 2013 release.

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